Pallet Racking

The pallet rack system is the most typical option that can be found in any warehouse storage facility. It is designed to stack products in rows that are horizontal and have multiple levels. These material handling systems in warehouse will assist you in organizing and making more efficient use of your warehouse space, as well as sorting and arranging cargo in order to streamline operations. The pallet racking system you choose might have a significant impact on your financial situation. A well-thought-out system may boost output, free up more space in your warehouse, and make it easier for your business to adjust to shifting inventory requirements.

A perfect palletization can be done in one of two ways: directly accessing each pallet or compacting it. Pallet racks are the ideal material handling equipments for storing and organizing product pallets in the warehouse in commercial and industrial facilities. Pallet racking comes in a wide variety, but they all allow for the storage of palletized products in horizontal rows with various levels of organisation.

All types of pallets increase the storage density of the stored goods. Costs associated with the racking increases with increasing storage density. Pallet racking is the most popular and the most versatile type of storage for large single items or palletized/boxed loads.

Warehouses and distribution centers use pallet racking more than any other type of equipment for their palletized storage. Pallet racking systems are engineered from the ground up. These pallet rack design layout take into consideration product size and weight, seismic zone, forklift aisle size required, building column centers, as well as future expansion considerations.

Types of Industrial Pallet Rack System We Offer

Pallet Storage Solutions has a great selection of pallet racks and accessories, including Selective pallet rack, Drive-in / Drive-Thru pallet rack, Push-back pallet rack, pallet flow rack, Carton flow rack, used commercial shelvingCantilever racks, and and pallet racking accessoriesEverything your storage space needs can be found in one convenient trusted place. Pallet Storage Solutions has been your source for the result you need. Our experience makes us one of the top suppliers of pallet racking systems and storage accessories for both large and small businesses.

Check our Pallet Rack Buying And Designing Guide before you buy your pallet racks

Teardrop Upright

Teardrop style upright frame has two columns with the corresponding horizontal and diagonal braces and footplates. Pallet Rack uprights come in various dimensions & PSS keeps in stock following depth size uprights for quick ship- 24″D, 36″ D, 42″D, & 48″D. PSS keeps a range of height Pallet rack uprights in stock for quick ship starting from 8ft high to 24″ high at every 2 ft increments. Capacity of uprights are given at 48″ beam spacing starting at the floor. If you need to space the beam further apart, capacity will be less.

Teardrop Beams

Beams are Connected horizontally to Upright to create a Pallet Rack system. Teardrop beams connect into the teardrop upright frame on both ends to create a shelf for the pallets to rest upon. Two beams make up one shelf level. “Teardrop” refers to the tear-shaped punch hole in the upright post. This design allows a beam-to-frame connection that is more secure and stronger. Beams are available in various face width & various lengths to create various capacities desired by customer needs. Teardrop standard beams come with 1-5/8″ standard step to support wire deck crossbar or pallet supports. Beam capacities are given/ pair

Selective Pallet Racking System

Selective pallet racking system is the preferred storage system for warehouses that stock a wide range of fast-moving SKUs. This racking system is flexible and adaptable and able to configure as per warehouse storage requirements. In this cost-effective storage racks solution, you get direct access to all pallets through stackers, forklifts, reach trucks and VNA equipment. This not only simplifies inventory management and order fulfillment, but it also improves the overall warehouse productivity and efficiency.

Advantages of Installing Selective Pallet Racking:

  • Quick access to a large range of SKUs.
  • First-In, First-Out (FIFO) inventory management.
  • Most economical type of racking (Per square metre).
  • Allows multiple product access in the same aisle.
  • No special truck requirements.
  • Lower forklift or pallet handling costs.
  • The floor level is not as critical as it is front-loaded.

Carton Flow Rack

Carton Flow Rack is a Mallard gravity flow solution used for efficient, accurate case and each picking. Also known as “case flow” or “tote flow” rack, carton flow operates in a similar way to pallet flow rack – relying on durable rollers or wheeled tracks, carton flow uses separate load and pick aisles to ensure productive, FIFO order fulfillment directly at the pick face.

Carton flow rack is easily integrated with other material handling productsm and can triple the number of case pick locations compared to traditional pallet rack.

Advantages of Carton Flow Rack:

  • Save space – up to 50% vs. static rack and shelving.
  • Increase pick locations – up to 40 locations per bay.
  • Appreciate immediate labor savings – by up to 50%.
  • Dramatically increase productivity.
  • Eliminate bending and reaching into a pallet rack.
  • Supports FIFO inventory rotation.
  • Replenish SKUs without interference from order picking.

Drive-In / Drive-Thru Pallet Rack

Drive-in and the drive-through rack are designed for last-in, first-out (LIFO – drive-in) or first-in, first-out (FIFO –drive-through) inventory management. Drive-in and drive-thru racks are used with forklifts and pallet jacks. Both systems let lift trucks enter from either side to access pallets. The loads are supported by rails that are attached to upright frames. Lift trucks can be driven through the uprights to access the pallets.

Drive-in racking offers tight storage of boxes, ample aisle area, and allows the forklift to enter the aisle from one side. Often, boxes are stacked against a wall, and inventory is taken from one end. Drive-in racks use the LIFO method for picking inventory – last in, first out. Similarly, drive-thru racking provides good storage capacity but allows access from both ends. It uses the FIFO method of retrieval – first in, first out. Drive-thru racks are ideal for dated or time-sensitive products. Both drive-in and drive-thru racks make efficient use of storage space.

Similarly, drive-thru racking provides good storage capacity but allows access from both ends. It uses the FIFO method of retrieval – first in, first out. Drive-thru racks are ideal for dated or time-sensitive products. Both drive-in and drive-thru racks make efficient use of storage space.

Advantages of Drive-In / Drive-Thru Racks:

Requiring fewer aisles and providing better cube utilization than selective racks, a drive-in/drive-thru rack gives you more storage density than selective racking. Advantages of drive-in/drive-thru pallet racking systems include:

Clearance for lift trucks that allow you to drive into the racking system.

Push-Back Pallet Racking System

Push back racking helps you make the best use of your warehouse without having to slow product rotation or increase handling time. With a push back pallet racking system in place, warehouses can store more pallets while maintaining better selectivity (access to SKUs) than other high-density systems like drive-in racking. Push back racking offers the best of both world’s storage solution.

A push back storage rack system can offer up to 90% more storage space than traditional selective pallet racking. That’s one reason why this dynamic pallet storage system is surging in popularity, quickly becoming the preferred method of storage in many sectors.

Looking for budgetary numbers or more information? Call one of our Systems Design Specialists or send us a quote request, and we’ll work with you to provide layouts and budgets for your warehouse.

Advantages of Push Back Racking Systems:

  • Offers better use of available storage space than most systems.
  • Minimizes the honeycombing effect.
  • Allows storage of more SKUs.
  • Saves on labor– forklift drivers don’t have to remove obstructive pallets.
  • Provides more storage rack area with a single-aisle design.
  • Allows for quick and easy loading/unloading of pallets.
  • Each lane is LIFO, but FIFO can easily be configured with proper design.
  • Large, coated wheels let pallet carts roll smoothly.
  • Very low-maintenance, sealed bearings.
  • Customized pallet carts, usually color-coded for safety and ease of use.
  • A low-profile cart stack maximizes available storage height.
  • Forklifts never have to enter the rack, promoting safety and saving time.

Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet flow rack, also known as “gravity flow,” is a FIFO (first-in, first-out) dynamic storage system. With pallet flow, you can achieve high-density storage while maintaining a FIFO retrieval order. Pallet flow racking maximizes actual storage space by minimizing aisles. Pallet flow systems can be designed to hold up to 20 pallets deep in one lane and allow for quick and efficient inventory turnover.

Customization is the key to effective pallet flow racking systems and manufacturers offer different types of rollers designed to serve different applications. Some manufacturers can even customize their pallet flow racks with speed controller capacities that are uniquely designed for users’ product weight ranges.

We have decades of experience designing pallet flow systems. We’re here to help you create a system that exceeds your expectations and improves your storage efficiency. Ready to move forward with your pallet flow project? Get in touch today to learn more or get a quote.

Advantages of Pallet Flow Rack System:

  • Space-saving, high-density storage.
  • Customized, tailor-made design, and layout.
  • Dynamic“flowing” warehousing.
  • Fast —Immediate access to every product.
  • Versatile — Well-suited to refrigerator or freezer storage applications.
  • Practical and efficient.
  • Operator friendly.
  • Tested for your unique application.
  • Time-saving —only one input and one output aisle.
  • Minimal maintenance and reliable.
  • References from all types of industries.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever racks (also referred to as lumber racks or pipe rack) are heavy-duty storage shelving that is specifically designed for storing long and bulky items or materials such as lumber, plywood, PVC, steel pipe and metal or bar stock pipes, and more. For this reason, a cantilever storage rack is a preferred solution for storing heavy-duty items such as furniture, boats, steel bar stock, PVC pipe, iron pipe, and a wide array of long, bulky, and/or heavy items.

A cantilever storage system consists of an upright column and base, canted or straight arms with vertical and horizontal braces. It can store light and medium-duty loads to heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty items and can be configured for either single-sided or double-sided storage. Because it is specifically designed to store long loads such as beams, profiles, pipes, and timber. This rack enables loads to be handled by using lifting systems such as lift trucks, mobile cranes, stacker cranes, etc. These systems are chosen depending on the load to be stored (mainly weight and dimensions) or the height of the rack itself.

Advantages of Cantilever Racking System:

  • Easy-to-assemble. The parts are designed to allow the shelves to be assembled quickly and easily.
  • Structure of great simplicity and strength.
  • All the elements involved fit together easily and allow excellent mobility.
  • Can Easily Support Long Items. The most common reason for purchasing cantilever storage racks is the ability to easily store a wide range of long or bulky materials
  • Can Easily Support High Weight Items.
  • Easily Stackable, High Vertical Potential.
  • Easily Accessible.
  • Easy Installation and Reconfiguration.

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